WPRC 2018/2019 Season – General Membership Meeting 12/1 @ 1:00 PM

Hi everyone,

Now that labor day has past, we are starting to ramp up and get ready for the upcoming season.  There is a lot of exciting things happening in preparation for the year. So I’ll apologize up front for the length of this news posting! 🙂

WPRC Member Survey 2017/2018 Season:

At the end of the 2017/2018 season we sent out a survey to the membership asking of your feedback regarding the program.  We wanted to take a moment to share the results and say thank you for those that provided feedback. We had 14 families respond, out of a total of 69 families (~20% participation).  Ratings were from 1 poor to 5 Excellent.

  1. Please rate your overall program experience

Average: 4.71

  1. Please rate how effective coaching was for your athlete(s)

Average: 4.5

  1. Please rate how effective gate training was for your athlete(s)

Average: 4.28

The rest of the survey was regarding specific events and communications methods used throughout the season.  We received some really good feedback here that will be incorporated into this season.

On average our events were rated a 4.8.  The new socials seemed to be a great addition and we will be continuing to host those this season, planning at least one per month.

Communications had the most varying ratings.  Email and the remind software received the highest ratings at 4.7, the google calendar ranked up there at 4.4.  Facebook (3.7), Twitter (3) and Instagram (3.75) were the least used.

Generally speaking everyone seemed happy with the frequency of updates and weekly recaps.  We will continue that this season and we are also transitioning to a new web platform entirely to help address communication (see below for more details)

Last item on the list is Sprongo, for video analysis.  This is an area we need help, as video analysis seems to be of interest to many.  It is a challenge to maintain and share videos. This past season was challenging in that we do not have internet access at the timing hut.  I’m happy to report that 7 springs is working with us to change that this season, which will allow us to upload video content more timely.

New Web Platform:

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been using our existing web platform since 2007!  That’s when WPRC transitioned to an online based registration system. Our custom solution is now ready for retirement and we will be transitioning to a new platform.  After reviewing several options, we have decided on TeamSnap. Team Snap provides a platform to host our website, allowing us to more easily manage content and keep it current.  Team Snap also has a nice clean registration system and mobile app. Once registration is complete, all athletes will be placed into their associated teams (U19, U16, etc). The coaches in each group will have the ability to message the group through the Team Snap application.

While this platform is feature rich, please bear with us as we make this transition.  We’ve done a lot of testing up front, but as with any new system I’m sure we may hit a few hurdles along the way.  Please be patient and provide feedback to myself and Charles. We’ll work through the issues we encounter and are excited for this new platform.

Registration Opens October 1:

We plan to open online registration on October 1st, please check back to the website to complete the new online registration form.  As in years past, athletes will need to have their USSS license and membership completed (paid in full) to participate in training. Any questions or problems registering can be directed to TJ and Charles.

General Membership Meeting – December 1st @ 1:00 pm:

We are planning to host our general membership meeting on December 1st at 7Springs.  More details will follow as the date gets closer, but please save the date and pass the word to any new families that would be interested.

Avalanche Snow Making Upgrade:

If you’ve been to the mountain you may have noticed a very large ditch down the skiers left side of avalanche.  We a extremely excited about the snow making makeover Avalanche is getting. 7 Springs has purchased all new HKD snow guns to cover avalanche this year.  We can’t wait to enjoy the coverage these new guns will provide. A huge thank you to 7 springs and the mountain crew for this upgrade and including us in the process.  A big thanks to Jim DiBiase for being our point person and coordinating the new timing wiring that will accompany the new guns.

Uniform Year:

Last but certainly not least, this year will be our last year in the green uniforms.  We will be sending out a uniform survey in the coming weeks to help guide our selection of a new uniform.  Many of you have provided feedback and had comments on uniforms, so please take the opportunity to participate in the survey.  I’m hoping to get a large majority of the membership to participate.

That’s all for now!  Enjoy the fall sports and here’s to an early start to the ski season!