U16 State Championships at Blue Mtn


Hotel Information is posted in the WPRC calendar, and all 3 options are located on Motel Drive within walking distance from one another (Residence, Courtyard, & Fairfield). Please note that the U16 coaches have secured a room at the Fairfield. To be flexible with everyone’s travel plans, there will be no formal WPRC gathering on Thursday evening; however, racers are encouraged to get together and prepare for the weekend’s competition while the parents should discuss morning departure timing and logistics, especially those who have never been to Blue Mtn before. 

Based on last year, it’s likely that registration for all 3 days will take place adjacent to the top lodge in BMR office on Friday from 7:30-8:30am; however, this is subject to change so it’s strongly recommended that you refer to your 2018 invitation packet, http://www.paracing.org/derby, and https://adminskiracing.com for the exact information regarding registration and all other event details for that weekend.  NOTE: para’s website currently has last year’s info posted, so please make sure that you are looking at the correct year when retrieving the info. 

On Friday morning WPRC coaches will meet the kids at the top lodge following the captain's meeting to discuss tactics for the day as well as perform final equipment checks prior to heading out onto the hill; exact time & location tbd, but please make sure your racer is booted up and ready to go on time.  It is recommended that all parents drive down to lower lodge after registering their kids (and signing up to volunteer for at least one day) since the lower lodge is at the bottom of the race hill, which makes it convenient for spectators to hike up as well as to meet your racers between runs and have lunch. 

For Friday’s SG, in past years there has been a controlled free ski on the race hill starting at 10am with course inspection at noon. Please again note that this is subject to change this year and may even be adjusted up until that day due to things like weather, snow conditions, etc. As such, it’s recommended that you consult the official sources noted above for the most up-to-date information as race day approaches. 

One thing that will not change for that weekend is Blue Mountain’s tight policy on speed skiing outside of the race venue; please inform your racer that if they are caught “speeding” on public trails that their pass and bib will be pulled without refund and they will not be permitted to race at all. 

On Friday evening the U16 coaches will again be coordinating a team dinner for all racers and parents in the lobby of the Fairfield (time tbd), but are in need of a couple parent volunteers to pull together a headcount and collect money prior to the event in order to make it happen. Please contact Coach Damon (damon.lasalle@gmail.com) if you are willing and able to step up and help.  

As for the remainder of the weekend, the morning meetup logistics and times will be discussed at the dinner. Inspection and race times will also be posted online and in the derby invitation packets.  Additionally, last year BMR hosted a banquet on Saturday night and a small dinner on Sunday following the race, both of which took place at the top lodge. Those are also expected to remain unchanged.