1/11/21 PARA cancels all state championships / finals


PARA (the state governing body for ski racing) had a call the evening of 1/11/21 to decide whether or not State Championship events would occur this year.  PARA made the following 2 decisions:

  1. PARA would not hold any state championships / finals for all ages this year.
  2. Should PARA receive postseason quota spots for U16 or U19 Eastern regional events, selection would be based on seed points (average of published SL and GS points).

I am currently working through the implications and adjusting our regional race calendar accordingly, and I will detail those changes once finalized.  With that said, here are the implications that I currently working with:

  • Western Region: Our regional races are no longer qualifiers to states at the U12, U14 and U16 levels.  Instead of being regional qualifiers, we will use our Western Region races as a season long series, and score our athletes as we have in the past to name Western Regional Champs.
  • U12 & U14: The state-wide events at Roundtop (U12) and 7 Springs (U14) will not occur.  Instead of U12 and U14 States, we will have a Western Regional finals weekend for both U12’s and U14’s the weekend that U12 States was originally scheduled.
  • U16:  Blue gave no idication as to whether or not they would still hold a U16 set of events on their scheduled dates.  I will work to determine this.
  • U19:  Elk was talking as though they will still hold their races for the U19 on there scheduled dates, but no state team nor postseason selection will occur at these events.

The scored (U16/U19) race this weekend and the non-scored (U10-U14) race next weekend are on as planned.  There is no need to change our plans for the next few weeks.  Most of the changes to our schedule will occur in mid to late February.  I am working to finalizing a revised race calendar, and I will also work with the respective age group coaches to determine our course of action for the race season.  I plan to communicate decisions as quickly as possible.  There are a lot of details to work through, so I appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns.