As we at WPRC figure out how the systems and processes work at Vail, we wanted to make visiting athletes and families aware of the Epic Day Pass option for buying lift tickets at 7 Springs Mountain (and other Vail properties).

For the 2023, 7 Springs was able to offer registered athletes a discounted racer lift ticket for $74 per day on race days.  At the 7 Springs hotel, we were not able to arrange a discounted rate for hotel rooms.  Moving forward, we will continue to work with our mountain’s pass office to see whether we can continue to offer discounted lift tickets to racers.

In the meantime, we wanted to make sure our PARA racing community was aware of the Epic Day Pass and the discounts that it could provide.  Passholders can choose from 1-7 days and visits throughout the season.  Passholders choose access to a group of 22, 32, or all 38 Vail owned and operated North American and European resorts.  In addition, the Epic Day Pass includes Epic Mountain Rewards, which provides the passholder discounts of 20% off food, lodging, rentals, and more.

Please be aware:

  • 7 Springs (and all Vail Properties within PARA) are included in the 22, 32, and all 38 Vail property options
  • If you plan to ski at 7 Springs during one of the holidays, you will need to select “Yes” for the Choose Holidays option
  • The Epic Mountain Rewards discount applies to the 7 Springs hotel
  • Epic passes are currently on sale for next season, and prices increase the closer to the ski season they are purchased
  • There are discounted price options for children ages 5-12 years old

As of 5/1/23, the price per day for the Epic Day Pass at the 22 resort option was between $40 – $48 per day for the non-holiday option, and $47 – $57 per day for the holiday option.  For more information on pricing and restrictions, please check out the Epic Day Pass website.


5/6/23 Update – During the PARA Spring meeting, it was indicated that Vail is working on a $55 per day ticket for ski racers across all its facilities.  WPRC has not been able to confirm the availability of this rate at 7 Springs for the 2024 season, but we will work with our mountain’s management to get this implemented if it is available.  Please keep in mind that this daily rate may not have access to the Epic Rewards program which provides discounts on food, lodging, and other Vail services.