Alpine Officials

The majority of the WPRC race duties can be done by any parent.  However, there are two positions on race day, which require Alpine Official (AO) certifications, and they are the Start and Finish Referees.  Without WPRC parents with AO certification, we risk not being able to run races.  The page provides some background on what it takes to become an AO.


What experience do I need to become an AO?

You need not be an ex-racer to become an AO, but a basic understanding of the rules of ski racing helps.  Anyone who has had children in the program for a few years or has previously raced, is a good candidate for this role.


What does it take to become an AO?

In order to become an AO, you must first get an Alpine Official USSS license.  Next, you must attend an AO Clinic, and then take / pass the Jury Advisor (JA) exam.  Alpine Official Certifications are good for 2 years.  To update a certification, an AO only needs to sit through an AO Clinic (no exam is required for an certification update).


Who pays for the AO License?

WPRC will refund the USSS AO license fee once the AO Certified parent completes 2 additional AO volunteer duties above the standard WPRC family volunteer requirements.


When do the AO Clinics Occur?

PARA runs 3 AO Clinic (Western, Central, & East/Northeast) each fall, typically in the November / December timeframe.  A person may attend any of the AO Clinics to receive their certification or update.  The Western Region AO Clinic flip flops between 7 Springs and Wisp each year.  We strongly encourage parents to attend the 7 Springs clinic every other other year.


What should I do if I am interested in becoming an AO?

Please contact the WPRC Volunteer Coordinator ( to express your interest.

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