PARA Western Scoring

PARA Western Region - Qualification Scoring

Qualification to PARA State Championship events will be based on Place Points earned in the racer’s best of one less than half of the individual runs held from regional qualifier races.  Non-results (e.g. DNS, DNF, DSQ, or NPS) will result in a Place Point value of 50, if the region’s population for the age and gender group is less than or equal to 40 at the time of the first regional qualifier.  Otherwise, the non-result Place Point value will be 100.  Tie breaks follow the "Inside / Out Method".  If the tie is not broken using the “Inside / Out Method”, then tie breaks follow the “Outside / In Method”.  The Western PARA Region Chair will compile the results from the qualifier races held in the region.

If an age group has 5 regional qualifying races (= 10 runs), then regional rankings are based on an athlete’s 4 best runs.  Place points are based on an athlete’s finish among Western Region athletes only within their age class and gender.

Because of how the scoring system is structured, athletes should take note of the following:

  • While results and trophies for each race are based on combined times across the two runs, each run should be treated as an individual race for the purposes of qualifying to State Championships.
  • Athletes do not need to race in all Regional Qualifier races in order to qualify to State Championships.

Please note that each region in PARA has different ways of scoring and ranking their regional races for qualification to the PARA State Championships.  State Championship quotas for each age group and gender are published at the end of January and are based on PARA membership rates across PARA.  For more information on PARA State Championship quotas, please refer to the PARA website (

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