WPRC is grateful to Seven Springs for their cooperation in providing the WPRC with a designated training center, race lane on Avalanche, and access to training space across the mountain.  Please remember to treat the mountain's property with respect and consideration.  WPRC members are guests to the mountain and should act accordingly.  The following page details the Buildings and Slopes utilized by WPRC.


Training Center

Base of Tyrol slope at 7 Springs.  Next to the tennis courts.

  • The WPRC Training Center has lockers, restrooms, tables, ski tuning and waxing facilities, and video equipment.
  • Racers can rent a locker in the Training Center to store their skis, boots and other gear throughout the season. Contact the Seven Springs Season Pass Office for locker rental information.
  • The Training Center provides a gathering place for racers, coaches, and parents before and after training sessions and during lunch breaks.
  • On race days, the Training Center becomes the place for racers to register and obtain their bibs.
  • Parking is not allowed in the Ski Patrol parking lot.  Violators will be towed.
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Gate Shack

Base of Avalanche slope.  Back left of the finish coral.

  • The Gate Shack is the club's storage location for all gates, b-nets, crowd control fencing / lines, and course maintenance tools.
  • At the end of a race, all equipment on the hill should be brought down and stored in the Gate Shack.
  • Location for team captains meeting the morning of races.

Timing Shack

Base of Avalanche slope.  Skier's right side of the finish line.

  • Timing operations are based out of the top floor of this building.
  • Scoreboard and official race postings are posted in the bottom floor window on the rear of the building.
  • A monitor with Live Timing is also displayed in the window.
  • Gatekeeper supplies are stored in the bottom floor.
  • On race days, only Timing Personnel and Race Officials are allowed access to the top floor.
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Start Shack

Top of Avalanche slope.  Top of race lane on skier's left.

  • Small, heated indoor space used by Timing Personnel.
  • Timing Personal and Race Staff only are allowed access on race days.
  • Live Timing and start lists are displayed in the rear window.
  • Start lists for coaches and officials are printed and available in the Start Shack.
  • Start equipment, sponsor banner, and warming capes are stored in this building.  All other equipment should be brought down to the gate shack on race days.
  • On training day, coaches will allow kids access to warm up on very cold days.


2018-early morning set


Far left side of 7 Spring's front side.

  • This is our primary race and training hill for SL and GS.
  • USSS homologated for SL and GS.
  • Training space for Wednesday Night Gates, unless otherwise noted on the schedule.
  • Courses are set in the skier's left lane.
  • Training drills are sometimes performed in the snow field above the Ski Patrol building.
  • NEW FOR 2019 - 7 Springs has installed a new snowmaking system down the length of the race hill, providing even better training and race conditions!  Thank you 7 Springs!!!
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One slope to the right of Avalanche on 7 Springs front side.

  • This is our secondary training hill for SL and GS.
  • Courses are set in the skier's right lane, closest to Avalanche.
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Farthest away slope on 7 Springs back side.

  • This is our primary training and race hill for Super G.
  • USSS homologated for Super G and GS.
  • When training or racing on Gunnar, the slope is closed to the general public.
  • All equipment must be hauled from the front side.
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Western Pennsylvania Race Club (WPRC) is a successfully run ski program based at Seven Springs. The club has been in operation since 1962. WPRC promotes the development of youth athletics through alpine ski racing.

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