Medical Plan

This is the medical plan for all racing activities while at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

USSS Homologations:

  • U2465/07/21 - Avalanche Slope /  GS
  • U2466/07/21 - Avalanche Slope / SL
  • U2477/07/21 - Gunnar Slope / Super G

Medical Plan:  The Seven Springs Ski Patrol maintains a full time presence at the ski patrol clinic – located directly adjacent to the finish area on Avalanche Slope.  They also dispatch patrol and equipment from medical patrol buildings around the mountain. There is a patrol building 75 meters behind the Avalanche Slope Start, and also one adjacent to the Gunnar Slope Start.

  • All of the patrol dispatch locations and the clinic have “trauma sleds” fully equipped with oxygen and AED’s.
  • Stop the Bleed kits are located in the start hut, finish hut, and gatekeeper bags.
  • Any dispatch from the clinic can use snowmobile to access the injury site.
  • Somerset Ambulance (ALS Ambulance Service) is stationed at the clinic as well, with a state certified paramedic & EMT.
  • Patients with non-life threatening injuries are transported to either Somerset or Johnstown Hospitals with a travel time of 20 minutes with clear roads.
  • Major Trauma facilities are located at Johnstown Hospital and multiple Pittsburgh Hospitals.  Travel times via ground are 40 - 60 minutes.
  • Air medical support is dispatched from either Johnstown or Pittsburgh.  Approximately 20 – 30 minutes flight time. Pre-Coordinated primary landing facilities for Life Flight are located in the golf course parking lot at Seven Springs.
  • All Seven Springs Ski Patrollers conform to the NSP guidelines for training & currency.
  • Communication with the Patrol Dispatch is via radio on channel #2 on all of the radios used by the race officials.
  • Patrol Dispatch can also be reached by phone at 814-352-2035.

Revised: 11/29/22

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