Rules & Governance




  • Establishes ski racing rules for racing across the globe
  • Rules for alpine ski racing can be found in their International Competition Rules (ICR)
  • Manages international level racing:
    • World Cup,
    • World Championships,
    • Olympics,
    • Europa Cups, and
    • NorAms
  • Establishes ski racing rules for racing within the US
  • US ski racing rules can be found in their Alpine Competition Guide (ACR).
    • The rules for racing are found in Chaprter 7 - Alpine Competition Regulations (ACR)
    • ACR contains most of the rules from the ICR, but also include specific rules to racing with the US
  • Manages the following races:
    • National championships
    • Regional championships
    • Regional FIS competitions
  • Runs the national team, develops athlete pipeline, and establishes regional development projects
  • Establishes quotas and rules for State Championships selection
  • Responsible for state selection to Eastern Regional Championships and Development Projects
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Western Pennsylvania Race Club (WPRC) is a successfully run ski program based at Seven Springs. The club has been in operation since 1962. WPRC promotes the development of youth athletics through alpine ski racing.

P.O. Box 153
Melcroft, PA 15462