WPRC is a local US Ski & Snowboard (USSS) and Pennsylvania Alpine Racing Association (PARA) ski racing club.  WPRC hosts both regional and state level races throughout the year.  All races host by WPRC (expect the Year End U10/U12 Derby) are USSS sanctioned races.  Avalanche Slope is USSS homologated for Slalom (SL) and Giant Slalom (SL).  Gunnar Slope is USSS homologated for Giant Slalom (GS) and Super G (SG).

Our athletes primarily race the technical events of Slalom and Giant Slalom.  During post season events, our athletes compete in both technical and speed events such as Super G.  We introduce Super G training components into our standard free-skiing and gate training for our older athletes (U14+) throughout the season, and attempt to run at least one day of Super G on Gunnar Slope prior to their State Championships.

The following page provides a summary of how our race season is structured, and explains how athletes compete in regional events in order to qualify for state and then regional championships.

2018-U14 States girls in finish

Race Season Summary

In general, the race season for WPRC athletes comprises of Regional Races ("regular season"), which are open to all competitors and qualify athletes to PARA State Championship events.  From the PARA State Championships, athletes can qualify for USSS Eastern Regional events ("post season").  The following table summarizes the race season by age group for USSS races.  For event details, please refer to the club race calendar.

1. Regular Season

2. PARA States

3. USSS Eastern Regionals


  • 5 Regional Races
  • U10 / U12 WPRC Derby (WPRC Only) @ 7 Springs
  • None
  • None


  • 5 Regional Races
  • U10 / U12 WPRC Derby (WPRC Only) @ 7 Springs
  • PARA State Championships @ Ski Roundtop (2019 & 2020)
  • Fancis Piche Invitational @ Gunstock, NH


  • 5 Regional Races
  • PARA State Championships @ 7 Springs (2019 & 2020)
  • Eastern Championships
  • Eastern Finals


  • 7 Regional Races (include 2 PA Cups @ 7 Springs)
  • 3 PA Cups@ Blue Mt. (optional)
  • 3 PA Cups @ Elk Mt. (optional)
  • PARA State Championships @ Blue Mt. (2019 & 2020)
  • Eastern Championships
  • High School Championships


  • U19's are eligible to race in all Western Region Races, but are not required for post season qualification
  • 2 PA Cups @ 7 Springs (Tussey Mt. for 2020)
  • 3 PA Cups @ Blue Mt.
  • 3 PA Cups @ Elk Mt. (U19 PARA State Team announced last day)
  • Eastern Finals (FIS)
  • USSS Finals
  • High School Championships

Regional Races & PARA State Championships

WPRC competes in the Western Region of PARA against 3 other race programs:  Blue Knob, Hidden Valley, and Wisp.  PARA regional races are open to all athletes and do not require any qualification.


From the regional races, athletes in the U12, U14, and U16 age groups are able to qualify to PARA State Championship (previously known as a PARA State “Derby”) to compete against the best athletes across the 4 regions of PARA.  The State Championship events are typically 3 day events at the end of February and beginning of March.  They are a great opportunity for our athletes to meet competitors from across the state and race on new terrain.  For details on the PARA State Championships and the regional quotas for each age group and gender, please refer to the PARA Derby website.

At this time, U10’s do not have a PARA State event.  To make up for this, and to allow all our U10 and U12 athletes to have a year-end event, WPRC hosts the “U10 / U12 WPRC Year End Derby” on the morning of the Year-End Banquet.  This race is a GS open to just WPRC athletes (and future hopefuls!), and the race is put on by all the older athletes in the program.  After the kids finish racing, the fun usually continues with festive activities such an across the mountain scavenger hunt.

U19 & U21 do not have any regional PARA qualifiers.  As opposed to having one weekend of State Championships to decide post-season qualification to USSS Eastern events, their Championships is a series of 8 races over 3 weekends.  The series is known as the PA Cups.  PA Cups are open to all U19 and U21 athletes.  U16 athletes are allowed to compete at PA Cups with their coach’s approval.  The Governor’s Cup (the top male / female athlete across all 8 races) and post-season qualification for U19 & U21 athletes are all announced at the final weekend of PA Cups held at Elk Mountain.

Eastern Regional Championships

US Ski & Snowboarding (USSS) Regions


PARA competes in the Eastern Region of USSS against 7 other states / regions.  From the PARA State Championship events, athletes are named to the PARA State Team and are able to qualify to USSS Eastern Regional Events to compete against the best athletes in the Eastern Region of the US. Eastern Regional events are multi-day events, usually held in New England in the middle of March.  For details on PARA quotas by age group and gender to each of the USSS Eastern events, please refer to the PARA website.  For details on the USSS Eastern events, please refer to the USSS Eastern Region website.

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Western Pennsylvania Race Club (WPRC) is a successfully run ski program based at Seven Springs. The club has been in operation since 1962. WPRC promotes the development of youth athletics through alpine ski racing.

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