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WPRC members like to have fun both on and off the slopes.  Many of the social aspects revolve around running and celebrating the races.  In an effort to develop the social bonds within the club beyond just racing, the club hosts various social activities throughout the season, with the goal of having at least one major social event each month.  If you are interested in helping plan, organize, or run one of the events, please contact the Club President.

The following details WPRC's social events for each month of the ski season.  Please refer to the club calendar for specific dates and locations of each event.


Membership Meeting:  The club kicks things off in November with the General Membership meeting.  This typically happens on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the month.  In this meeting, we introduce new members to the club and provide updates to returning members.  At the conclusion of the "formal" meeting, everyone gathers for a fun social and ski swap.  This is a great time for new members to ask any unanswered questions and for returning members to get caught up.

2018-U10 boys in finish


Christmas Camp Social (a.k.a. The Snow Bowl):  During the week of Christmas Camp, we hold our first social.  We celebrate the start of the ski season and give everyone a chance to mingle before the grind of the race season.  This is a pot-luck event held at the WPRC Training Center, and includes the Annual Snow Bowl, a tag football game for all ages held in the tennis courts.

First Race:  The first race of the ski season is held the last weekend of Christmas Camp.  While the race is for U16 - U19, the award celebration is open to all members, so come warm up, enjoy some beverages, and cheer on your teammates!



Races:  Once we enter January, the race season is fully underway, with what seems like races every weekend.  Come warmup, enjoy a few beverages, and cheer on your teammates!

Social Event:  Each year, we leave it up to the "Social Committee" to determine the fun, family activity for this month.  In the past, we have done an evening Snow Tubing event at 7 Springs, and have made special arrangements for a private room, fire pit, and food.

Special Olympics:  Throughout the ski season, 7 Springs does a lot to ensure we are able to train and race.  Many times, they pull out small miracles given the variable Western PA winter conditions.  WPRC returns the favors by helping setup and run four different race arenas with multiple course sets over the two days of competition.  The event is typically held on a Monday and Tuesday in either late January or early February.  WPRC looks for both parent and athlete volunteers to help 7 Springs pull off an amazing event.  This is not only a chance to members to give back to 7 Springs, but it is a great opportunity to give back to a sport we all love.

2018-Special Olympics volunteers


Races: By the time we enter February, there are only a few home races left, and the selection for State Championships is heating up!  The month ends with State Championship events across the States.  The away races are a great chance for age groups to bond both on and off the hill.  Whether it's camping out at the same hotel or grabbing dinner together, the road trips are always a great bonding experience.  For the U14's, WPRC hosts the U14 State Chmapionships, and it is WPRC's opportunity to host athletes from across the state in a weekend filled of activities.

Social Event:  Before everyone starts running every direction across the state for their various State Championships, our "Social Committee" organizes another fun, family activity to help break the grind of the race calendar.  In the past, we have taken over the skating rink to show off our skating moves.



Year End Derby & Banquet:  The weekend after the last PARA State Championship event, we have a Saturday full of fun before everyone heads their separate ways for the spring.  The day starts with a GS race for all the younger kids (U10 - U12) and future WPRC prospects.  The older kids (U14+) run the race so the parents can sit back and enjoy the spectacle.  At the completion of the kids race, parents are invited to try their hand at racing.  Activities continue with a scavenger hunt for the kids and cookout for all.  The evening is capped off with a banquet to celebrate the season's accomplishments.

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