Bibs will not be picked up by individual athletes in the WPRC Training Center as in years past.  All bibs will be distributed to Team Captains at the morning Team Captains meeting.  Team Captains will be responsible for distributing bibs to the athletes on their respective teams.

Bibs and start lists will be placed in plastic bags by team broken out by gender and age group.  The bags of bibs will be made available at the conclusion of the in-person Team Captains meeting the morning of the race.

No bib deposits will be collected this year.  Any bibs distributed this year will not be returned at the end of the race.  The bibs will be kept by the athletes.

WPRC plans to use (and get rid of) old sets of spandex bibs for as many races as possible.  Once all old bibs have been used, we will use paper bibs.  We will not mix spandex and paper bibs within the same race.


Revised: 12/7/20

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Western Pennsylvania Race Club (WPRC) is a successfully run ski program based at Seven Springs. The club has been in operation since 1962. WPRC promotes the development of youth athletics through alpine ski racing.

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