State Travel Restrictions

State Travel Restrictions

WPRC expects its participants (athletes, coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers) to follow and abide by the rules and guidelines laid out by the club and applicable municipal authorities, and to answer all health checks truthfully and honestly.  Should the club become aware of any violations of the rules or guidelines, the board may take disciplinary action.


On March 1, 2021, Governor Wolf and the PA Health Secretary terminated the out-of-state travel restrictions initially put in place in November 2020.


On November 10, Health Secretary Robert Neall issued an advisory restricting travel into Maryland.  The details of the order may be found at


Revised: 3/1/21

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Western Pennsylvania Race Club (WPRC) is a successfully run ski program based at Seven Springs. The club has been in operation since 1962. WPRC promotes the development of youth athletics through alpine ski racing.

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