Health Check (TeamSnap)

Health Check (TeamSnap)

All WPRC athletes and coaches must complete a COVID-19 health screen prior to participating in any WPRC scheduled event.  For training sessions, we will be utilizing the TeamSnap Health Check.  All athletes and coaches must pass their Health Check in order to participate in the event.  If an athlete or coach fails their Health Check, then that individual should stay home, and they will not be allowed to participate in the WPRC event.

The Health Check is embedded in the details of each TeamSnap calendared event.  The Health Check opens 8 hours prior to the start of the event.  For more information on the Health Check, please refer to the TeamSnap Help Center for Health Checks.

The Health Check can be accessed through the TeamSnap mobile application or online.  The following details the steps for completing the Health Check through the mobile application.

Completing the TeamSnap Health Check (mobile application)

Step 1:  To access the Health Check, first open the TeamSnap mobile application, and locate the event in the home screen.  Click on the "Event Details" located at the bottom of the event.

Step 2:  In the Event Details page, the status of your Health Check will appear directly beneath your availability.  If the status reads "Incomplete," a Health Check has not been completed yet.  To complete the Health Check, click on the line with the blue heart in a circle with the label "My Health Check Incomplete."

Note:  The Health Check is available 8 hours prior to the event.  If you are not inside the 8 hour window, then the Health Check will not be available.

Step 3:  If your Health Check has not been completed, then a screen with a blue heart in a circle will appear.  Click on "Start" below the text to initiate your Health Check.


Step 4:  The Health Check questions will now appear on your screen.  Answer the four questions, and click "Save."  The application will then save the results of the Health Check.  The application does not stored the individual answers to the questions, so you are not able to edit your responses once a Health Check is completed.


Step 5:  Once you save your Health Check, you will be presented with either a "Cleared" or "Not Cleared" screen.  If you are "Not Cleared," do not come to the WPRC event and stay at home.


Start of Practice - Health Check Review

Coaches and administrators have access to who has been marked as Passed, Failed, Incomplete for their Health Check.  The following screenshot is an example of the screen the coaches and administrators will access.  Coaches will check the status of each athlete prior to the start of each session.  If a Health Check is not completed, the individual will not be permitted to partake in the session.



Revised:  11/9/20

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