Weekly Evaluation

Weekly Evaluation

Each week, the COVID-19 Committee will convene virtually to evaluate whether WPRC training and races will be allowed for the following week, and whether WPRC COVID-19 guidelines need to be amended.  If events are cancelled, the WPRC calendar will be updated in TeamSnap and communications will be sent out to the membership and race registrants.


  • Thursday evening @ 8:00 pm
  • Weekly
  • Google Meets virtual meeting


  • COVID-19 Coordinator (meeting chair)
  • COVID-19 Committee
  • WPRC Board


  • Decision to go or not to go for WPRC activities in the coming week
  • Updates to WPRC COVID-19 guidelines
  • Email to membership on cancellations or updates of WPRC events or guidelines


Decision Committee

The decision committee will be a 3-person panel.  A simple majority vote will determine whether the club will have events that week.  The committee will consist of the following members:

  • Club President (substitute = Vice President)
  • COVID-19 Medical Advisor (substitute = COVID-19 Coordinator)
  • Parent - Tara Heidenreich (substitute = Mark Tulenko)

Revised:  12/4/20

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Western Pennsylvania Race Club (WPRC) is a successfully run ski program based at Seven Springs. The club has been in operation since 1962. WPRC promotes the development of youth athletics through alpine ski racing.

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